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For more than 100 years we have been dealing with wholesale distribution of Sicilian blood oranges all over Europe; More than ten years ago, we decided to start distributing our products directly to the end customer, thus reducing distribution costs as well as delivery time to offer our fresh products at their best.

We offer a high-quality product that has gone through a thorough selection process.
We package our products only upon receiving your request.
We ship your parcel straight after the harvest.
We guarantee your order will be shipped and delivered anywhere in Italy within 48/72 hours.
All this means: the scent of Sicily.

Net weight of the oranges approx. 8kg + a 250g pack of orange or lemon peel slices covered with pure dark CONDORELLI chocolate + a 200ml bottle of Sicilian limoncello
Gift package – net weight of the oranges approx. 8kg + a box of “torroncini Condorelli” + a 250g glass jar of organic CONDORELLI jam
10kg gift package containing only oranges in a beautiful 50x30x16 crate
Over 16kg package with disposable container – containing oranges only